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Last night Kelley had a trial run with her makeup artist, Naomi Martinez, for our wedding reception here in CT. Being in the wedding industry I meet a lot of makeup artists and there was no question I wanted her to have Naomi. Kelley came home thrilled with the results. Then it was time to take a few trial pictures with the makeup. I just grabbed my Mark III with my 580ex attached on camera and ran her though some picture taking lessons in my office. Then we made a night out of it meeting up with some photographer friends at c.o.jones in New Haven.

to brag about how AWESOME they turned out! Thanks again for the INSANE job on my makeup and pass on my thanks to Yolanda for the hair! These photos belong in a magazine...I better see them Check them out on his blog... http://www.blog1923.com/?p=797

I have 4 friends getting married this year and i've sent them your direction!! You're amazing!

Thanks again,

Hi Naomi,

My hair and make-up looked incredible!!! I will send you more pics as soon as I get them. Take care and talk to you soon!! "


Comment from Photographer's Blog:

If you are wondering who did her incredible makeup, look no further than the wonderful Naomi Martinez. Ladies, I never got lashes and I never got airbrushed makeup, and after seeing Naomi's work I wish I could get married all over again!

Sarah Lehberger
Afterglow Photos

Hi Naomi!

I honestly can say that I am the MOST happiest with my pictures and make up. I know that the work you did to me and the rest of the girls that day made my pictures absolutely perfect. My husband said he knew I was beautiful when he met me but he said I was absolutely STUNNING on our wedding day! You made me look like a model and made me feel like a princess! The make up lasted 100% through the night until 12am! I have read your reviews on your website... and now I know exactly what all these women are talking about! WOW Naomi! I will be recommending you to every Bride out there. Thank you so much for making this day so special for me.


Hi Naomi,
In case you couldn't tell, I was thrilled with my make up. To me, the best feeling in the world is to have your expectations exceeded, and you definitely did that.

Not only are you incredibly talented, but you have a very professional demeanor. That's very refreshing, since I'm used to the guy who cuts my hair chatting on his cell phone the entire time I'm in his chair. The make up stayed on all day through the heat and humidity. I would love to have you do my make up for my wedding. It is such a load off of my mind knowing I'm in such good hands.

Thanks again! Charity

Hey Naomi-- I know its been like a month since the wedding but i just wanted to take some time out to say thanks for that makeup you did. It came out GREAT everyone looked beautiful and i got so many compliments.

The pictures are GORGEOUS and the makeup lasted all night long. If you wanted to see other pictures you can check out my website! so thanks again. I gave you rave reviews on The Knot and i recommend you to everyone :)
-Alicia H.

Hi Naomi,

We just returned from our honeymoon in Hawaii -- it was wonderful. I wanted to send you a little note to thank you for making me look so beautiful on my wedding day!! I received many compliments on my makeup and people kept telling me that I was "glowing". The unprofessional pictures came out really great -- I've sent you a few so you can see what a fantastic job you did! I really love the way you kept the look very natural and that my makeup stayed on and looked perfect, even though I was dancing all night long! I was also impressed with how the makeup looked amazing under different types of light (indoors, outside, during the sunset, and in candlelight).

I never thought I would say this, as you know I was skeptical and normally wear very little makeup, but having on the makeup actually made me feel more beautiful and special on my wedding day -- You're the best! Deb, Jane and Anne were thrilled with their makeup too and had a blast hanging out with you while you were working on us. Thanks again for everything!

Isabelle L.


I loved my make up. Everyone complimented me on how great I looked and how i was glowing. I was happy but I am sure the make up had something to do with that.

It also lasted REALLY well. it was fairly warm in the dressing room at the church but i wasn't melting or anything. The other thing I liked was that when I was crying the make up didn't come off and stain the hankerchief.

Thank you so much, you did an amazing job on my make up. I felt really beautiful.

Meg P.

This is long over due, but you did a fabulous job!! I got some many compliments as did all of the bridesmaids. My mom looked wonderful. I can't wait to get the professional pictures back.

I have a few and your work really shines through on film. People couldn't believe how well the make up lasted considering it was the hottest day of the year!! The church was unbelievably hot. It's an old building so no AC and for some reason they didn't have the windows open so it was just like a green house. At least you can't tell from the pictures how sweaty we were :) I just went to two weddings this weekend and what a difference professional makeup artist makes!

Elsa C.

Hi Naomi,

I just wanted to take this opportunity and thank you for applying my makeup during our trial session today.

I loved it!! The makeup looks absolutely beautiful. It is now 9:30 p.m. and my makeup still looks the same when I left your house this afternoon.

My fiance absolutely loved it!! He couldn't believe how flawless my skin looked. My mother thought it looked so pretty and natural.

To be honest, I never felt confident about myself because of my skin since I have been suffering from acne for the past 15 years. Since you applied my makeup, I felt so confident about myself today. I felt so pretty. Thanks for doing such a beautiful job. You are the best!! I look forward to having you apply my makeup for my wedding next year. I might sign up for a class with you to learn how to apply makeup properly.

Again, thanks for all your help. I love it!!

Michelle L.

Hi Naomi!!

I thought the trial went great. The only thing I would change I think is to do the exact same thing, just maybe a little heavier. After about 2 hours of having it on, the eye makup I mean, I added my own eye liner to it and felt much better. I use the MAC stiletto liquid on a daily basis. So that's not to waterproof, I assume that's a bad idea, but not a big deal for me to throw that on at the end. My mom loved it! I went to see her so she could see it. We went to the fireworks that night (very humid!) and it still stayed on! I couldn't believe it!

Heather V.


Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did for the makeup for me and my mom! So many people told me how nice I looked, and I have never seen my mom look so good (no exaggeration)!

The wedding went really well, (with the exception of loosing our rings which we did find afterwards)!

Everything we planned turned out so nice.If possible, could you be able to send me your mailing address? My mom would like to send you a note to thank you as well.

Alison B.

I wanted to thank you for the WONDERFUL job you did with our make-up. It was fantastic... everyone looked great. We received so many compliments!!!

I've attached a picture, but I'll send along some better shots when I get them from the photographer.

Thanks again-


Hi Naomi,

Thanks a lot for dropping of the foundation! Great service too!! My mother was in town last night and thought my make-up looked very nice on TV. Thanks again for all you do for us.

Susan Christensen
News Anchor
Fox 61 News

Hi Naomi!

Loved your work yesterday, I even decided to go food shopping to get a little more mileage out of the makeup. It stayed pretty well.

Also, can you give me the contact names and numbers of those 2 hairstylists you recommended?

Tracy A.

Hi Naomi
I was amazed at the before and after pictures. What a diffference. I should wear makeup all the time. My fiancee loved it. The trial was great. I appreciate all the time you took with me. I like the foundation, lips and eyes. The false lashes felt fine. The makeup lasted all day.

Thanks again for your help.
Joan S.


Wow the picture looks great!

Thank you so much for coming to do the trial yesterday, I am so happy with the results.

If you get a chance to send the pictures I would really appreciate it, my mother is already asking to see them :)

~ Hope

Hi Naomi,

I wanted to let you know how truly happy I am with the makeup you did yesterday. I sent the before and after photos to my friends and family online and they couldn't believe the transformation. You really brought out my best features. I finally have pictures of myself that I LOVE!!! I can't wait until the wedding, I had such a good time with you. You have a very warm and caring way about you. I didn't feel nervous, the atmosphere was very comfortable. It was almost like getting together with an old friend and playing makeover/beauty salon. You have such a great personality and your work is STUNNING.

I didn't wash the makeup off when I went to bed because I wanted to see how long it would last and 24 hours later it was just starting to wear off! When I woke up my grandmother noticed I still had it on and couldn't believe how well it lasted. If I knew about you awhile ago I'd have had you do my makeup for other special ocassions.

The makeup was so light it didn't even feel like I had any on. It wasn't heavy and cakey. It looked smooth and even and extremely natural. I received so many compliments. I can't thank you enough. You really brightened my day yesterday.

Planning a wedding is soooo stressful and to know that you are in good hands is such a relief. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet you. Thank you again.

Lea Anne

Hi Naomi,

I just wanted to let you know that the film looked great...thanks for doing such beautiful makeup!....look for it in the June issue

Julie Bidwell, www.juliebidwell.com

Naomi- Gary and I just got back from our honeymoon and just saw some of the non-professional pictures and I wanted to let you know that you did an absolutely wonderful job. The make-up stayed on all night and I felt absolutely beautiful. My mother and sister loved the job that you did as well and they looked wonderful all night.

You went above and beyond and aside from making me feel and look like a princess on my wedding day, you also helped to calm my nerves...a lot!

Thank you again, and I know that you don't need many references because everyone who uses you loves you, but feel free to use my name if anyone is looking for a recommendation!!

Leah B.

Hola Naomi, wow!!!

You went above and beyond my expectations! I wanted to say thank you so much for my trial today. When I told you I wanted dramatic, smokey eyes I had no idea the look would turn out it how it did.

It is beautiful and the air brush technique is so wonderful, it doesn't feel like I have make up on. You are the most talented makeup artist I have seen and you are a wonderful, warm person as well. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience and for making me look so pretty for my sisters wedding. We are all sooo excited that that you will be doing our makeup and will refer you to everyone we now. Many blessings for continued success.

Marybella C.


You did such an amazing job on my makeup trial today. The makeup felt so light and comfortable that I forgot I even had it on. My family and friends thought you did a wonderful job as well. They couldn't believe the before and after pictures,... what a difference! Thank you so much. I absolutely love it and can't wait until the wedding day when you do your magic again.

Thanks again,


Thank you so much for all your help. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. We missed you. Everyone raved about everything because it was so different. Our make- up was terrific and all the girls really liked what you did.

I have some ideas for your TV show and I have a name for the show that I think would be more suitable. Let me know when you're free and I'll take you to lunch.



Hi Naomi,

I just wanted to say Thank You again for doing such a wonderful job on my trial yesterday. I loved the way it came out. I still can't believe how flawless my skin looked. Everyone else thought it looked great too. The only minor thing I wanted to add was a little color in my cheeks. But, everything else was perfect. I would love if you would do my make-up the day of my wedding. Again, Thank You very much and it was very nice meeting you!



Wow -- the "after" doesn't even look like me! i thought the trial was fantastic and we all fell in love with you and your work. We would definitely like to reserve the date (including the 6 hour stay package) So please send the contract.

Take care, Joanne K.

Hi Naomi,

I absolutely loved the trial! The makeup came out great, and everyone I saw that day loved it! It also lasted all day.

I definetly would love it if you could do my makeup for my wedding I really loved my makeup. Thank you sooo much!

Teresa C.

Hi Naomi,

I really enjoyed meeting you too! I felt like you were a friend I've known for awhile or a family member. I really enjoyed the trial it's all my mom and I could talk about on the way home. We stopped for gas and my mom got hit on when she went to go pay - She was like " Wow Naomi did a really great job if a younger man is hitting on me". My FI was still up when we got home and he asked " How did it go - WOW you look great". I am so excited now for the wedding, and I feel ten times better that I will be a beautiful bride. Thank you so much and my mom and I are really looking forward to getting our makeup done for the wedding. I don't want to change a thing.


Hi Naomi,

I just want to get your mailing address. David Photography is sending me a cd of my proofs and I wanted to make some prints for your portfolio. Thanks again for your terrific work. We all looked dazzling.

It was a beautiful day despite a few other kinks. One of the readers went to the wrong church and missed the ceremony and one of the musicians didn't show up, but I didn't let it bother me because I knew I looked goooooood thanks to you!


Hi Naomi,

Thanks a million for doing such a wonderful job on everyone's makeup. We all got so many compliments. My makeup lasted all night, even through a full night of dancing. The wedding was phenomenal, thank you so much for being a part of it.


Hi Naomi!

I just wanted to tell you again what a fabulous job you did on all of our makeup on Saturday. I've only seen a few pictures some friends took at the wedding, but the makeup looks gorgeous and natural. I've attached a picture my friend Lauma took. Zoom in and you can see how great my makeup looks.

Thanks again,

Hi Naomi!

I can't thank you enough for the superb job you did on my make-up. It looked gorgeous, lasted all day long and perfectly transitioned from day and night. I got compliments the entire day and all the prospective brides were dying to know who did my make-up. I told them it was all your genius air-brush! I can't thank you enough for the way you made me feel.

I am a bit busy today, but when I get a chance I will send along some head-shot pictures for you. My photographer got some amazing ones of me by the window by the light, so I'll have those in a few weeks too. Or, if you have a chance, there are some in my knot bio, my name is pipsqueak78

PS - I also have a picture of you DOING my make-up that I will gladly put in my knot bio - Ha ha!

All the best!

Hi Naomi,

I want to thank you again for last night. I had a great time and looked absolutely beautiful. I went home and my fiance loved it. . Anyhow, I wanted to let you know I was practicing my Diva faces in the car and when I got home. I didn't want to wash my face.

Hope to Hear from you soon.


Dear Naomi,

I didn't want another day to pass before taking the time to thank you for the beautiful job you did. My girls and I all looked stunning, I can't wait to see the professional pictures. I also wanted to thank you for being so calm and making me feel calm even though we were running so late. I'm sure it was very stressful for you.

Thank you so much.