Hair Extensions

"Euro SoCap Hair Extensions"
Euro So.Cap. chooses to utilize exclusively the best quality human hair. 100% Virgin Indian Temple Remy hair.

Individual Bonds: $12 a bond
(it takes from 100- 150 bonds to create a very full and glamorous look)

Small Keratin heat sealed bonds hold the extensions into the hair. The bonds are comfortable to wear and unnoticeable but will secure the extension firmly in place.

Track Human Hair Extension
(includes cost of hair and application)
will last up to 1.5-3 weeks depending on the care. Hair is reusable

Hair Extension F.A.Q.'s - Frequently Asked Questions

Why hair extensions?
Is it real hair or synthetic?
Euro SoCap hair extensions are 100% human hair!

How long does it take to install hair extensions?
Approximately 2-4 hours depending on the number of bonds.

Will wearing hair extensions damage my natural hair?
No. When you are ready to remove your hair extensions, your natural hair is left in normal condition.

Can I style my hair extensions with a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron?
You can do almost anything with hair extensions that you can do with your natural hair. We will recommend a home care and styling regimen for you.

How long do hair extensions last?
You can wear them temporarily for a special event or keep them in for 3 to 6 months.

What is the cost to reapply the extensions after it has grown out?
$120 hourly

Please note:
Due to the amount of time that it takes to complete this service, a service charge of 15% percent (payable to the stylist) will be added to the cost of your full service price.

Hair Extension Before & After Photos