Non Bridal Makeup Naomi Martinez Studio
Bridal Makeup & Bridal Hair

Makeup & Hair Styling for...

  • Bridal
  • Television
  • Prom
  • Film
  • Photo Shoots
  • Celebrity Appearances
  • Private Functions
  • Courses/Seminars
  • Runway Shows

Non-Bridal Professional Makeup Application

Prom Airbrush Makeup $60 (with school ID)
(March-June Special)

Photo Shoots/Video/TV/Film Production Rates

$110 an hour

Models: Please note that these rates apply per hairstylist and makeup artist, and includes several hair and makeup looks

Airbrush Makeup or Traditional Makeup Application $75 (non-bridal)

(custom built lashes are $20 extra)
(not bridal makeup in salon)
Are you preparing for a special occasion of just in need of a new look? Then let us bring out your natural beauty. We are trained in the latest trends and techniques that will help you achieve a very natural or glamorous look.